green top and blue jeans

Green top: Purana Bazaar, Bangalore; Jeans: Remanika, Mumbai; Shoes: Bangkok; Black Earrings: Ayesha, Bangalore; Stud Belt: Hill Road, Mumbai

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hair 26

this is how my hair looked last night before going to sleep.

this is how it looked today when I tried copying it in the morning.

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the three of us coincidently wore the  same colour today.

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Puffy updos, big hair with headbands and accessories dominated New York Fashion Week, while designers at London FW are inspired by Royal style and put hats in their showcases.
Kabarık topuzlar, bantlar ve aksesuarlarla süslü yüksek saç modelleri New York FW’i domine ederken, Kraliyet stilinden etkilenmiş görünen İngiliz tasarımcıların defilelerinde şapkalar göze çarpmaktaydı.

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tiny little things

I am doing a course on Diorama. For starters we had to make some miniature food and furniture. Will start working on the final diorama monday onwards.

Strawberry Milkshake

Human Head

Watermelon and Grapes


Bean Bags

Big Bean Bag

Small Bean Bag

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Circus Twice

Last week I was modelling for a friend’s photo novella called Circus Twice. I played the role of Twin Superhero Detective Sisters . this was my favourite costume. In this scene one of the twin was working in a circus.

Hat: Friend's; Blouse: Mother's; Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Lady's zone, Patna; Star Braclet: Mumbai Local Train

Photos: Tanushree Agarwal

And oh yeah, the photo novella is by Rutuja Patil

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