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Solid Colours


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the three of us coincidently wore the  same colour today.

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I will miss you

This was one of the best course that happened this year. Met new people. Spent every single day of these two weeks with then. They leave tonight for New York. I hope our paths cross again.

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my favourite poem

i had this one book called Literature. this was the first poem in the book. i found this image online while tumbling. Jane is my inspiration.

help me out with a survey.

i am doing this research regarding what is generally perceived as beautiful.
to up your glam quotient which of this would like to do and in which order?

1. lose/gain weight
2. become fairer
3. get a cosmetic surgery
4. become brand conscious
5. get a better skin and hair.

your answers won’t be shared with anyone.
you could reply by commenting. i won’t publish the comments.


i have recently started following k pop and i am loving it. i am enjoying it so much that i even thought of going to there next year for further studies. but i can’t go. medium of instruction is Korean. anyways i have decided that i will learn Korean and live in Korea atleast for 2 years at some point of my life.

anyways this is my current favourite k pop song.

also if you have time watch this korean soap called ‘Baby Faced Beauty’. its about a 34 year old fashion designer.