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help me out with a survey.

i am doing this research regarding what is generally perceived as beautiful.
to up your glam quotient which of this would like to do and in which order?

1. lose/gain weight
2. become fairer
3. get a cosmetic surgery
4. become brand conscious
5. get a better skin and hair.

your answers won’t be shared with anyone.
you could reply by commenting. i won’t publish the comments.



i have recently started following k pop and i am loving it. i am enjoying it so much that i even thought of going to there next year for further studies. but i can’t go. medium of instruction is Korean. anyways i have decided that i will learn Korean and live in Korea atleast for 2 years at some point of my life.

anyways this is my current favourite k pop song.

also if you have time watch this korean soap called ‘Baby Faced Beauty’. its about a 34 year old fashion designer.



seeing braids all over the internet i wished i had longer hair. but then i thought why don’t i try braiding hair of this length.
first attempt. i think it’ll look neater if my hair will be a bit longer or if i try braiding my hair when its wet.


this is my niece. a non-stop entertainment package. she imitates her family and friends, dances, tells amazing stories, dresses up, dresses up others, draws wedding jewelry set and sell its to her grand mother and pretends to be a goddess who grants every wish.

getting ready for a performance on Jalebi Bai

and of course Munni Badnam

telling about her dance classes

now its time for others to get ready

and no matter what occasion, only ananya will cut the cake.


my cousin thinks i look like shaktiman. do i?
dress: colaba, welington boots: hunter.

Disneyland, Patna.

Shop, play and eat. What else do you need?
i bought my pet grey plastic rat. its cute and runs slower than real rats.
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new haircut.

i was wanting this hairstyle for quite sometime but kept it on hold because of the village trip. i returned day before yesterday by a 45 mins delayed flight. and then yesterday itself i went for a haircut.
now i feel like going dirty blonde.