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three awesome things in three days.

day 1: i went see Shaitan with a cousin. now i tie can tie a Cheeni Kum length pony tail. it looks very funny though. And the ego boosting thing that happened that day was 3 people told me (who saw shaitan on various days) that Kalki reminds them of me. YAY YAY YAY!!!
top: fabindia; skirt: commercial street, bangalore; bag:  swat valley, pakistan;  mojris: jodhpur.
day 2: i saw Wisdom. while walking on the beach i heard somebody say,” yeh India ka ship hai. Ramada palace wallon ne paise de ke yahan display par rakha hai.”
for people who don’t know what Wisdom is -Wisdom is a Sri Lankan Cargo ship that was being tugged to Surat. but then something happened and strayed to mumbai almost colliding with the sea link but thanks to rain and wind it moved toward juhu and got stuck. Its huge and beautiful.
day 3: my first lunar eclipse. it was so beautiful and scary to watch the moon disappear. 
well thats it. i am leaving for my village tomorrow morning. if i am lucky i will also go to Nepal. i am looking forward to seeing trees full of mango and Kosi River. See you after 3rd then.
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while rearranging my cupboard i realized i have mostly pink, green and blue clothes. and i have a lot of pink. my cd case is pink, pen is pink, the emergency torch that i have is also pink. so i decided to do a ‘i love pink’ post with photographs of all my pink stuff.
so i called my friend
went to my building terrace
clicked a few photos
and then i got bored. not bored exactly but it was really hot and the photographs weren’t coming out that great. i have clicked phoos of just 1/4th of my pink stuff. i think i will finish the rest in bangalore.
here is the 1/4th of my pink collection.

yummy dinner

papa, didi and i decided to cook a yummy and light on spices meal. papa made pulav, didi prepared mago with cream and i made fish. the food was served with champagne in chai wala glass.

kakori kebab

Papa, didi and I went to kakori house for dinner one day. the only thing interesting in there menu was the kakori kebab. so we ordered a plate of kakori kebab. one plate has only 3 kebabs. and is costly and not worth the money. they weren’t even yummy. the only thing good was they gave us lots of onion. i suggest don’t go to kakori house.
 then to have rest of the dinner we went to calcutta club. the decor was simple and nice. and the food was yummy!!!