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new piercing



jacket: lokhandwala; dress: colaba; tights: odel, sri lanka; shoes: bangkok; necklace: patna.

my new year resolutions 2011

i have a very small list of resollutions; but they are very very difficult to follow

  1. i will not cut my hair and will go for just one trim to get rid of the leftover colour.
  2. i will not colour my hair.
  3. i will not eat mcdonalds and kfc food.

thats it. 

nothing else.
but its difficult.

mumbai trip

my mumbai trip is going to end soon! i want to go back and i don’t want to go back!!
so during this trip
i clicked my cousin in the wig he made:

 crowned my cousin as miss A/302:

got entertained by my little brother: 

cut my hair:

bought 5.5m of this wonderfull lace/border/trimming/whatever:

 tried light painting:

made weird faces:

clicked awesome photographs of my friends:

tore my already torn denims:

hung out with friends(over exposed)

hung out with friends (normal)

travelled in a local train

ate at a goan restaurant:

i did other things as well.. but i dont have any pictures!

children or miniature adults??

remember the tutu i made?? well i resized it to fit my tiny little cousin. she just loves it. when she wore it she wasn’t ready to remove it. she even slept in it.

know talking about clothes for kids, i recently came across Tommy Hilfiger children wear. and they are amazing. i wish i had them when i was i little child. but i might fit into their largest size now. but whatever. these are kids clothes and miniaturized version of adult clothes. i remember wearing those miniaturized versions. i think everyone who grew up the 90s ust have worn it atleast once. 
this is some of their fall ’10 collection
Andrea Mini Dress
Tommy Knit Bottom
Sequins Sweater Dress
Myrthe Reversible Jacket
Big Boys Gingham
Clyde Pant
Ohio Hoodie
so i like their collection a lot. what do you think about it?