Monthly Archives: September 2010

Red 51

my friend’s film for the colour course we recently had.


my GHOST!!!

this is my ghost. my ghost has blue hair, black lips and four head. my ghost blesses the people i like. my ghost haunts the people who annoy me. this is my ghost. 

mannikin tees

i am obsessed with tee shirts. they are just so comfortable and versatile. recently i came across an Australian online boutique, Mannikinn. and guess what, i spied on their upcoming 2010/11 tee shirt range. YES! i am in love with the tees. look at them. i am sure you will love them as well. 

now only if i had job and was earning for myself i would have about all of the tees. (people who love me can gift them to me! :p)

If you are keen to purchase yourself one (after October 1st of course), then head to theManikinn website. 

Saturday Dinner

last saturday after being bugged of eating pg food we decided to cook. we bought vegetables and cheese and etc from the market. went to house number 51. chopped, hanged, whipped and cooked food. the result= yummy food just for rs 35 per head (we were 7 of us)

jhini jhini

my college is the base of kabir project. we recently saw a live performance by Pralhad Tipanya. he is a malwi folk singer. the performance was thrilling and exciting. full of energy. and i am in love with the song i am going to share. do watch it and share it!


i spent my week end in chennai. celebrated the festival of teej and ganesh chaturthi there. basically i celebrated it by sitting in a closed room watching my cousin study and his friend facebooking. we even had a pizza. but anyways before doing that i managed to click some pictures of my mother and my other relatives performing the teej puja.

tra la la la la!!!

i just randomly decided to wear a saree to college. i draped it normally but over a jeans and t-shirt. i hate wearing those ugly petticoats. well its actually a two weeks old photos!!

and finally the winner of the scarf giveaway is
email me your mailing address!!

edit: this is for the first time i wore saree on my own.. with no help. i am so proud of my self.

photo- sadhna prasad