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100th post

yay!!! finally i have the 100th post. will soon be having a 100th post and my 18th birthday giveaway.
yesterday i went to venkattapa art gallery. its such a huge gallery..

outfit details:
duppatta- sister’s
kurti- fab india
jeans- jealous 21
bag- hp
slippers- ticket

and i got the second side(right) of my nose pierced. its hurting a lot. the entire right hand side of my face. but it looks cool


i belive

i got this exercise for my reading and writing class. we had to write what we belived in. we had to write without thinking. i really enjoyed it.

so here i go

i believe.
i believe in my style.
i believe in lady gaga.
i don’t beleive in god.
i believe in being different.
i believe in my clothes.
i believe in my needle and threads.
i believe in the fact that if something doesnot kil you it only makes you stronger.
i believe in food.
i believe in my shoes and accessories.
i believe in recycling.
i believe in not littering.
i believe in myself.
i believe in intution.
i believe in hugs.
i believe in vibes and aura.
i believe in past life.
i believe in cure.
i believe in counceling
i believe in “shrink”
i believe in cosmetics
i believe that if your hair you should experiment with it
i believe in different looks
i believe in cutting my hair
i believe in dying my hair
i believe in astronomy
i believe in angels and demon
i believe every action has an equal and opposite reaction
i believe your choices are half chances and so are everybody elses
i believe i am living someones dream
i believe in dreams
i believe in live-in relationships
i believe in co-incidents
i believe that believes change.

these are my believes. and well i am tagging few people in this post cause i really wanna know what they believe in

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Karishma from I’m too Sexy for My Shirt
Faiza and Ruhi from Republic of Chic
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Sonu and Jasleen from Fashion Bombay
Shreya from Such a cow
Shruti from Thinking Pot
Cara from Instantly Ruby
Spardha Mallik from Its Uber Chic
 and all the other readers!!!

please share your believes!!!

jolly mohalla

yesterday i went to this place called jolly mohalla, bangalore. it is a waste market. they recycle old used wires and plastic. they even repair and clean the jute and plastic gunny bags.


ok!! so the first week of college was orientation. my faculty for orientation was raghu.
all of us had different assignments to do. it was fun.
this asignment was called Aspiration. we had to make use of a door and a ladder. we could also use one another symbol
this was call Face the Fear.
this one was Collector. we had to collect around 30 things/people/quote etc that inspire us. the we had to make something out of it. the human like structure on the left is lady gaga!!
the orientation was a little bit wierd. it was for the first time that i had this kind of training. i mean we were allowed to do whatever we wanted to. it was refreshing as i had previously always ended up fighting with my and craft teachers. they made me copy what they drew. irritating. overall i was surprised that i could do such fine drawings. i was surprised that i could think a bit differently.
in short and simple, orientation helped me get familliar with the crowd, the way things work and the fact that i have to call my faculty by their first name.

shopping trip to sp road

we were sent to sp road, bangalore to shop. let me make it clear. it was a shopping trip for materials. was tiring. and it was not clothes
i got a pet mouse from sp road. i call it miu miu because it sounds cute. i will do a post on the miu miu soon. till then.. SP ROAD..

srishti style

i am sitting in the collage.. and i am too bored to write anything.. so i will just let the pictures to the talking..

the past few days in bangalore..

my room mates are jamming along with the neighbours.. and as i cant sing, play or have any interest in music.. i am just sitting and listening and writting.. ok the jamming session sopped cause the neighbours complained..

my first week has been a pretty amazing.. it interesting.. college from 9-5 and then theatre!! so here are some interesting pictures i managed!! well i will just upload some of the pictures..

DIY lady gaga ripped leggings

i finally am doing a post. oh blog world.. i missed you so much..
i still haven’t got my laptop though.. i am using my roomies laptop. Oh my Gaga!!! this feels so good…
so i just start with the actual post.

i got these leggings from a tiny little shop acroos my pg. got them for really cheap. so ok.. i will just post the picture…

hello bangalore!

last day here! from tomorrow i will be in bangalore. new city. new college. new friends. will be fun. i wont be having a laptop for sometime.(i will get it probably by the end of the month). till then i will try posting from the college. i have no idea when i will be post next. probably not for the next 15 days. and then i will be back. ok i have no idea what i am talking. damn.. i am nervous. anyways i will make a move. my cut little brother want to lay games on the comp.

till then…
enjoyment and happiness

p.s. wish me luck. i need it!