Monthly Archives: June 2010

leaving home!!

the time is nearing. i am leaving in 10 days. i am a bit nervous. and i just have 10 more days to pack, shop, forget and forgive. this feels weird. i am so confused. i wonder how will it be in a new city. with out anyone i know around. plus i am sharing my room with a senior. that makes me all the more nervous. i wonder if i will eat properly. i wonder if they will serve uppma for breakfast. i wonder what i will wear and how will i dress up. i wonder how will i fight with the shop keepers and the rickshaw walas. i wonder how my room=mate will be. will i adjust? will i make friends easily? or will i be a loner? will i complete my assignments on time? will they be good? i am freaking out!!!


new header and a dinner

i finally have a new header. i made this collage for my Srishti portfolio. we were asked to make something that represents our creativity and interests. i call this ‘a fashion freak in heaven’. its basically about a girl who loves dressing up and spends hours and hours doing so. so this is one of those days when she is sitting in her room thinking what to wear and how to wear. she cant decide anything. is confused. and stressed. and then she dies. she has reached heaven and is still wondering what to wear. (the white things are cloud!) 

this is actually a collage done on paper with magazine cuttings, wires and threads. i clicked its picture and then edited it on
this is the unedited  picture:
well i went for a dinner with my parents yesterday.this is what i wore.
outfit details: top:code; black undershirt:citi mall; black jeans:lokhandwala; socks:bangkok; shoes:patna.

my luck with the camera

yesterday i collected my camera from the service center. lets say i around 7pm i started clicking random fun pictures and then at 9pm i come to know that my camera is not working again!!! here are the few pictures i managed to click before i kept it aside to take it to the service center again. well all of them are blurred but they are cute. so i am posting it.

holly and sally’s giveaway

holly and sally from Hippie By Heart. Thinks Fashion is Art  are having a giveawy on their blog to celebrate their 250th post! they are giving away some really funky silver jewelry! check them out!

inside my bag!!

on the 18th june,i was told to show what is in my bag by holly and sally. so i am finally doing this post!

my bag for the day
 look look!!!
 i read two books at the same time.
 a new buy!!!! florescent yellow hair mascara. though it looks green after applying
 my wallet with no money!! HAHA!!
 my huge list of the thing i have to take to bangalore
 a belt cum hairband
bill from the service center! i got my camera from the service center yesterday and it is already spoilt today! my luck with cameras!
 crap! i could not find a dustbin!
 orange pen
 my ipod! my life!
 lip balm
and all of it together!

pen drive and kite

my bff gave me this kite!! i love it
and my new electronic item! isn’t he cute!!

fake 18th birthday

shruti, nittal, hileri and i celebrated our fake birthday. i call it the way in advance 18th birthday! reason- hil is going to pune and i am going to Bangalore. we wont be able to celebrate our birthday together. we went for lunch to sernya. had yummy Tibetan food. and we gave each other gifts. i gave shruti a fake barbie doll(inside joke) and nittal and hileri a book each. and these are my gifts:
1.Orange Pants
2.Linen Dress
3.Pin Brooch
4.Eye Shadows
6.Nail Paint
sorry for the bad pictures. i was too bored to put the camera batteries for charging, then wait for it to charge, then click pictures and upload.

post after a long time

i was too bored to post something. all i have been doing these days is watching desperate housewives, gossip girls and chick flicks. these are my major activities these days. apart from this what all i did in the last ten days are:

1. Collected my marksheet and got it attested
2. Wore my red Mojris 
3. Had a huge party in my house.
4. Saw a funky building.
5. Saw funny mannequin.
6. bought a cute umbrella.
7. thought of doing some heavy reading.
8. started packing
9. started making lists for shopping
10. procrastinated (actually procrastinating) the act of getting my camera repaired
11. wished for getting a working laptop.
12. painted my face.
13. scanned around 300 photos.
well thats it. now i just hope i have the next post soon.
and before i forget, i need suggestions regarding what to pack as i am going to Bangalore for further studies.