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Of Blue dress and Braids

A girl from my college.. i forgot her name..:p

saw him in Infiniti Mall.. clicked his picture outside the mall!


DIY jeans

This is one of my favourite t-shirts. It says, “My secret to size zero” and has all the vegetables and fruits printed below it
but it got spoilt due to this 

and this.


so i cut the patch of the t-shirt and stuck it on my back pocket!!
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the bird on the mudguard is so cute!!!

Juhu ka Raja Dinesh

i love the colour combination.. Pink, Grey and Green

i won

i won!!! i won!!! i won the pretty bracelet that Sachiko has made.. i am so happy.. it is just so exciting. i was screaming and jumping when i saw my name on the screen.. i am just so happy.. any ways.. here is the link to the post on Sachiko’s Blog:

please do visit..

Shoe Obessesion Part III

my father’s shoes.. i took it from him.. :p they are way too big but i like wearing them

the drawing on the shoe is done by my friend, Sana.

i totally love them.. they are the most comfortable shoes that i have ever worn!!

i already have a post describing these..

and there is one more pair, the one i wear the most.. but they are dirty at the moment..

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link party

hey.. there is link party happening on Tea Rose Home

i am linking my DIY neck lace!!
hop over to her blog and enjoy!!! 

Shoe Obessesion Part II

this is my latest buy.. from catwalk. bought them to practice how to walk in heels

bought them from a local store. they are so comfortable.. i dance all night long wearing them during the new year party.. (and i have just started wearing heels)
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Shoe Obbsesson Part I

all of them are from Lahore

i love them!!!

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DIY neck lace

i made this yesterday. i used copper wires, a rubber band, satin ribbons and the two rod type things. i found those in the spoilt CD Drive. :p

so.. what you think of it?? 
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new title image

yeah!!! i did it.. i changed my title image.. and this is for the first time that i have used photoshop for something else other than re-sizing or cropping the image. i feel so proud.. i had first sketched this before my exams.. and then waited for the exams to get over to colour it and post it..

so.. the rough sletch:

so.. what do you think of it???