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3 out of 6 done

three out of six exams are done! they were good. specally todays.. wrote 30 pages in 3 hrs for sociology! had a yummy kolkata roll from kolkata konnection on my way back. just three more and the i don’t have to study the boring subjects! yipee!!!

me on bindass blog!

i just found myself on bindass fashion blog. though in fashion disaster section. i don’t know why, but i have been feeling proud for that and its something that i am wearing happy about and have been calling and telling people about it!
the link to the blog:
please visit.. i am the one in the first picture

a quick post

i should have posted this before, but i was to bored to do it! well my board exams have started from today! i had my french paper today. it was awesome! so anyways exams will be getting over on the 15th.. so probably if i am not tempted to post anything, i will be posting on the 15th.. yes on the fifteenth! till then ciao!

Valentine’s Day

happy valentine’s day!!! i am celebrating this day with my friend and my family! few pics


i love my glasses!

 shivam saw my make-up kit and wanted to apply it! the result! doesn’t he look cute?

Model in making!!! 

 Lyka and Zoyee! jhimmli’s dogs.
 three of us in shadows

ops!! i ended up putting alot of photographs! :s

French Orals

i had my french orals on tuesday! they went awesome. i was shivering while giving the oral exams! so anyways some photographs of my fashionable friends…

Yahan Kachra Phekna Mana Hai

i am too bored to write what i am wearing!

beaded glasses

wanted to give my glasses some makeover..
so i stuck beads on it!
glasses before the makeover:

glasses after the makeover:

still have to give some finishing touches.


New clips. ought them for just Rs 10/- each. i find them pretty cute. 

my last two day in photographs

i dont like to write.. so i will just upload photographs of my last two days


i dont like to write.. so i will just upload photographs of my last two days